The Federal Chronicle of Wernher Schodoler

About this Object

The Eidgenössische Chronik [The Federal Chronicle] by Werner Schodoler (1490-1541) is in chronological order the last of the illustrated Swiss Chronicles of the late Middle Ages. It was written by private initiative between 1510 and 1535 and took as its model primarily the Official Bernese Chronicle - Amtliche Berner Chronik - by Diebold Schilling and the Chronicle - Kronica - by Petermann Etterlin. This volume, the third and last of the Chronicle, presents the events of the Burgundian Wars and the Swabian War; it ends with the Italian military campaigns, among others the Battle of Marignano on September 13th and 14th 1515, in which presumably the author himself took part. The volume is illustrated with 196 uncolored pen sketches by an anonymous artist. Today the three volumes are held in different libraries: the first volume is in the Leopold-Sophien-Bibliothek in Überlingen, the second in the City Archives in Bremgarten, and the third in the Cantonal Library of Aargau. The detail this week comes from the final volume and depicts an avalanche on the Gotthard Pass (f. 270v)

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Connection to last week's item: The avalanche depicted here occured in the Gotthard Pass, named for the location the monastery dedicated the saint featured in last week's engraving