Rhododendron sperabile var. weihsiense

About this Object

This specimen was collected as part of Greorge Forrest's (1873 - 1932) expedition to Yunnan, China in May 1924 and subsequently donated to the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh (RBGE). The presence of the Chinese label suggests that the sample was collected by one of Forrest's local collaborators, rather than Forrest himself likely in the area of the Mekong/Salween divide.

Map of Yunnan, China with a pin dropped at Latitude: 27° 12' N, Longitude: 99° 2' E when the specimen was collected.
Growning in cliffs and on rocky slopes, the shurb is approximately four feet tall with crimson flowers and black markings at the base. To see the record for this specimen at the Royal Botanic Garden Edinbourgh webiste, please click here, to browse the other 9347 specimens that Forrest donated from his Chinese expeditions, please click here


Connection to last week's item: The Chinese playing cards were likely printed 100 years prior to the date this item was collected in China.