Bust Study of a Young Man

About this Object

This week we feature one photograph of a pen and ink sketch thought to have been done by Giorgione when in the collection of the Duc of Aumale. However, the drawing resembles a painting once in the Lucien Bonaparte Collection in Rome, previously understood as a portrait by Raphael of G.F. Penni. This is one of a series of images considered to tbe both 'by and of Raphael' that were assembled by Prince Consort Albert, the husband of Queen Victoria sometime after 1876.

See this item alone on the Royal Collection Trust website or view the album in which it is found here.

Connection to last week's item: Just as last week's item was a compilation of photographs of works of art, this week's object is also a photograph of a work of art. Additionally, the compilation of photographs and sketches in this album can be seen as parallel to the collection of photographs of Kings and Queens of England assembled into a single image by Henry Hering. Finally, Prince Albert and Queen Victoria were both patrons of Herny Hering, whose digitised bills can be found by executing a search for 'Hering' here.