Progress & Events

3 November 2021
Citizen research project launched by The National Archives. In Scarlets and Blues volunteers are transcribing the records of the Royal Hospital Chelsea during the era of the First World War.
Sam Blickan blogged about the index tool: Engaging Crowds: New Options for Subject Delivery & Interaction
7 September 2021
Grant Miller was on the panel The Interface(s) of a Virtual National Collection at the DARIAH Annual Event 2021: Interfaces
2 July 2021
Pip Willcox, Bernard Ogden and Louise Seaward delivered a workshop at the Discovering Collections, Discovering Communities conference
'Cultural heritage hand in hand: how to work with a community of citizen researchers'
30 June 2021
Citizen research project launched by Royal Museums Greenwich. In HMS NHS: The Nautical Health Service volunteers are transcribing 100 years of seafarers' medical data.
28 June 2021
New blog post: HMS NHS: The Nautical Health Service - a transcription project
12 February 2021
Pip Willcox and Louise Seaward delivered a paper at the 5th AHRC Connected Communities Heritage Network Symposium
'Connecting with the crowd: creating and supporting citizen research online'
3 February 2021
Our interim report has been released.
11 December 2020

Request for citizen research and crowdsourcing feedback

Have you been part of a digitally enabled citizen research or crowdsourcing project with cultural heritage collections? As part of our AHRC-funded Engaging Crowds project, we're reaching out to cultural heritage practitioners running citizen research projects online. We'd like to know: Who is working with online volunteers and heritage collections? How is the experience for the organisers and the digital volunteers? Did you create new networks? Was the project successful in what you set out to do? Were there any surprises? How are you using the data created by the project? Did the project take you in new directions?

Whether the project was part of a volunteer or community heritage group, or you work in a gallery, library, archive, museum or other heritage organisation, we would love to hear from you! We understand these times are challenging and we'd be grateful for information you can give us in any form - a summary or internal report you'd be willing to share, a blog post, Twitter thread, website, published newspaper or academic article, or book. We will credit everyone's work when we write this up, respect any sensitive information, and share our findings publicly.

Please tell us about your work by emailing by 28 February 2021.

1 December 2020
Our next project workshop is coming up on 1st December. Learn how to get involved on the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh blog here:
After the crowds disperse: crowdsourced data rediscovered and researched
3 September 2020
New blog post: Engaging Crowds: Volunteers making seamen's medical records more accessible in the digital age
28 July 2020
New blog post: Exploring the possibilities of citizen research and heritage data