HMS NHS: The Nautical Health Service

HMS NHS invites volunteers to transcribe 100 years of seafarer’s medical data from the Dreadnought Seamen’s Hospital at Greenwich. The project is led by Royal Museums Greenwich.

This page provides access to the document images for HMS NHS and to the data transcribed by project volunteers. We are hugely grateful to everyone who contributed.

  • View images of records used in the project via the Zooniverse index
  • Download the data transcribed by volunteers in part 1 of the project, as zip or tar.xz
  • Data from part 2 of the project will follow when that part of the project is completed

Information on reuse

The records of the Dreadnought Seamen’s Hospital are Public Records (Crown copyright), held by the National Maritime Museum as an official place of deposit under the terms of the Public Records Acts. The images of these records are used online by the National Maritime Museum with permission from Ancestry.

The images are made available under the terms of the CC-BY-NC-ND 4.0 licence. Users can view but not download the images. Users can re-use the images for non-commercial research, education or private study only.

The data are transcriptions of Public Records, which are also covered by Crown Copyright. The data is made available under the terms of the Open Government Licence (OGL), which is compatible with CC BY 4.0 licence. Users can copy, publish, distribute, transmit and adapt the data for both commercial and non-commercial use.

Citation information

Any use of the images or data from HMS NHS should credit 'National Maritime Museum' as the source.